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Updated: May 31, 2022


Usually a number people use as a celebratory bench mark in their life. A number that screams out joyous moments and the coming of age. Not often is the number associated with an unfathomable amount of pain and sadness. But here it tallies the amount of people taken in another senseless tragedy. Another could-have-been-prevented mass shooting in America.

Twenty one people died on 05/24/22 at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX. Twenty one people will never return home, celebrate another birthday, be part of another family moment, or live another day to laugh and enjoy life. 19 of these 21 souls were children. Innocent children, who, moments before, were laughing, playing and enjoying the wholesomeness of life before experiencing the devastating fragility of life.

My 21 design is created in honor of these humans who left the world too soon. In honor of the heroic teachers and children who did everything they could to comfort and shield one another. Each flower is in memory of the beautiful people of Uvalde, TX. I would love for my design to be picked up by breweries all over and proceeds go to the families of Uvalde. When grief and tragedy strikes people down, we have to lift them up!

Heart Breaking Fact: America has over 200 mass shooting for the 2022 year and it’s only May. That’s approximately 40 a month or 1-2 a day!! And they all hurt. They all scar. They all change us. But somehow this one still cuts deeper. Innocent children at school were murdered by an 18yr old with not one, but TWO AR15s. Now, does this sound like an acceptable and legal firearm for an 18yr old to own?? An 18yr who can’t drink, can’t gamble, or even rent a car. But he’s somehow mature and old enough to legally purchase deadly weapons of this capacity...allowing him the opportunity to murder so many innocent people at once.

So much can be said and should be said. However, words are not enough anymore. Words provide comfort and momentary solace; sometimes they even pacify the dark times. But action is what creates change. We need profound change in this country.

While we continue to watch the devastation unfold, news outlets provide chilling updates, families bury their loved ones, and find ways to move forward each day - please tell people you love them. Please spread kindness everywhere you go. Please take a moment to breathe and always do what’s right. And above all, please make sure to heal not hurt.

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