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Liquid Courage - Beer saves the day, again!

With each day that crawls by, the on-going war in #Ukraine stirs up emotions of intense sadness but also a strong desire to help.

Collectively, we are witnessing the impact on the people of Ukraine, both native and visitors. We hear the horrific stories, read endless news articles about the bloodshed, and feel our heart strings being tugged at. So, how do we help? Where do we start? How can we even fathom an approach when the devastation is as vast as the distance between us and them. The overwhelming questions can be crippling.

Sometimes the answer is liquid courage - in every sense of the words. Breweries and artists are stepping up (once again!) to find ways to help the people who need it. I have greatness around me, and I’m super proud of their work, efforts, and collaboration.

man holding raffle tickets
Love City Brewing Raffle for Ukraine

Love City Brewing has coordinated a raffle which raised 10.5k to donate to Ukraine. They put out a CTA (call-to-action) for their community to donate goods of all kind. Each item donated from the heart. All with one goal in mind: help the people! I, myself, donated custom-made, beer inspired clothing from Sea Wear We Land. At times it feels defeating, but we can all help in many different ways.

I also want to highlight Jen from Hoot Design Studio - an amazing artist in the beer industry who created a design template for the creation of this Make Peace Not War beer allowing breweries from all over to participate. Each brewery has the freedom to choose their own beer recipe, slap on this sweet design, and donate a minimum of 10% to charities for the UK.

blue background, yellow beer design, peace symbol on can
Make Peace Not War beer design template by Jen at Hoot Design Studio

Blue Label Packaging graciously donated 10k labels to the cause, thus making her proposal an even greater possibility.

If there is anything I have learned from the beer industry it is that we are more than beer. We are a community of people looking for endless ways to help others. Beer is just the common denominator in all the great things we achieve.

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